Our Bouzeron comes from vines situated on the best slopes of the appellations. We have planted to Bouzeron the golden Aligoté doré grape, which gives lowers yield and more aromatic wines than its cousin, the Aligoté vert.
True to its varietal nature, our Bouzeron is a liveley, fruity wine, but it also has a finesse and roundness that spring from the essential nature of the terroir.
These qualities lend it great versatility. To best appreciate the freshness and fruit, our Bouzeron would be drunk young, within two or three years. To allow the wine to fully develop fullness and "fatness", age it for up to ten years.
Our Bouzeron should be served chilled, at about 54°F, as an apéritif, with seafood, or with a number of cheeses (goat cheese, Cantal, Beaufort, Parmesan, Roquefort, etc.
Upon being gathered and sorted by hand, the grapes go immediately into a pneumatic press. Pressing is slow and gentle in order to obtain claer, non-astringent juice.The musts ferment in tanks or oak tuns at controlled temperatures in order to preserve each wine's freshness and specific aromatic traits.
This is the appellation that has been the most subjected to different weather conditions, the vines mostly being located on top of the hill, the coldest area. The yields were greatly reduced (28hl/ha). This allowed us to obtain an aromatic concentration rarely reached for this wine.
Due to low quantities, we have to limit to 6 the number of maximum bottles for this wine. Please forgive us.
Wine tasting
The Bouzeron 2013 is rich and supple at the same time with an iodine attack and aromatic notes of yellow peach skin. Its aromatic persistence on the palate is enhanced by its traditional fruity acidity which brings freshness and mainly gives the impression of a perfect sapidity to allow the wine to be digest.

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