Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise
Les Clous
Les Clous Aimé comes from several parcels located on a south-facing slope of Bouzeron's valley, sheltered from summer's north wind during ripening.
Our vineyard here is planted with selections of Chardonnay grapes that we have chosen for moderate yields.
Les clous Aimé is a vin de garde- it's meant to be aged. It is made from the fruit of old vines on a predominantly limestone terroir, and in its youth displays a pure mineral character.
Patience, however, is urged: only after five to seven years does this wine reveal the full scope of its finesse and complexity of aromas.
Serve it chilled, between 54°F and 57°F.
It is a perfect complement to fish and white meats, but avoid sauces that are too spicy. Some recommanded cheeses include goat cheese, Reblochon, Beaufort, and Comté.
Upon being gathered and sorted by hand, the grapes go immediately into a pneumatic press. Pressing is slow and gentle in order to obtain claer, non-astringent juice.The musts ferment in tanks or oak tuns at controlled temperatures in order to preserve each wine's freshness and specific aromatic traits.
As you will notice on the label, our Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise « Les Clous » has now changed to Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise "Les Clous Aime”. Nothing changes to the wine itself, only the name has been modified. The rediscovered "history” of this climat allowed us, in fact, to rediscover its original appellation and therefore specify it. We find in this wine the same harmony than in the Bouzeron: fresh, mineral, fruity and at the same time refreshing, with a ample and supple flesh.

It wine being matured and vinified the most natural way possible, we would recommend that you leave it settle in your cellar and let it breath before any tasting.

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